The Altamont-Bluebell field produces oil and gas from fractured, tight, lacustrine deposits. Initial field discovery is dated back to 1950. The main producing intervals are the Wasatch and the lower portion of the Green River formation. The lower Green River intervals are found at a depth of 8,000-10,500 feet and are the focus of this study.

Previous stimulation in the lower Green River formation mainly consisted of acid breakdown treatments. With the advent of better fracturing fluid additives and proppants, hydraulic fracturing has shown to be more effective when compared to acid stimulation treatments.

This work compares production data from over 20 hydraulically fractured recompletions done in the lower Green River formation. Fracture modeling with a fully functional 3D simulator is also presented to gain better insight into the fracture design. Finally, we present pitfalls and techniques to better stimulate the tight formations encountered.

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