While hydraulic fracturing is the most commonly used stimulation method for the Codell tight sand at the Wattenberg Field, the authors have observed that the leak-off tests during a typical frac can be utilized to calculate the near wellbore reservoir pressure, far-field reservoir pressure, and permeability indicator. The correlations calculating the reservoir pressures are based on the linear relationship between the fracture closure pressure and reservoir pressure, whereas the permeability indicator is inferred from an analysis of the leak-off coefficiency, or a critical factor of the formation transmissibility. The validity of these methods has been substantiated by the corresponding pertrophysical property distribution, as well as well performances. As the results of these methods, the distribution of the calculated reservoir pressures and permeability indicator have greatly benefited the infill drilling program in terms of situating new in high pressure and high permeability areas while avoiding depleted places.

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