A Denver-Julesburg (DJ) Basin operator, Anadarko Petroleum Corp., has had success with the optimization of its completions in the Codell formation. The use of a microemulsion additive (ME) is one of the keys that has allowed them to further improve production and increase reserves.

Before the ME surfactant, the operator used a non-emulsifier (NE) as a surfactant in their stimulation treatments. By replacing the surfactant with the ME, their median production has increased by 10%. In addition, lower GOR wells show the most benefit from the use of the ME additive, meaning that margins on wells in lower GOR areas can be improved. Anadarko began testing the ME additive in 2005 while still completing some Codell wells with the NE. After review, the ME additive was run almost exclusively.

This paper compares the wells using ME to those using the conventional NE surfactant. The study wells were chosen to minimize potential production effects caused by other factors, such as job size and depletion. After eliminating these other factors, the sample size consisted of 32 NE wells and 34 ME wells across the basin. The wells were compared on a broad scope and where possible, offset wells were compared.

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