The precipitation and accumulation of scale deposits is a major concern for production companies in the Uinta Basin. Since 2003, conventional hydraulic fracturing treatments with scale inhibitor pumped simultaneously as an additive have been offered to this region. This service proved to be very effective in the Permian Basin using borate crosslinked fracturing treatments (with scale inhibitor concentrations as low as 5 gal/mgal). However, these design criteria and formulation of the scale treatments had to be changed significantly to be effective in the typical Uinta Basin gas well environment: low permeability (<0.1 md), multi-layered, commingled gas reservoirs. Typically, a well completed and placed on production without any scale inhibitor in the Uinta Basin may show signs of scale buildup in as little as 30 days. The effects of the scale accumulation can be seen everywhere from an exaggerated production decline to scale deposition on production equipment. This paper outlines the learning procedure and present designs, testing and monitoring results from scale treatments together with a case study from the Uinta Basin.

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