In this work we present the application of the β-integral derivative function for the interpretation and analysis of production data. The β-derivative function was recently proposed for the analysis and interpretation of pressure transient data [Hosseinpour-Zonoozi, et al (2006)], and we demonstrate that the β-integral derivative and its auxiliary functions can be used to provide the characteristic signatures for unfractured and fractured wells.

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the application of the "production data" formulation of the β-derivative function (i.e., the β-integral derivative) for the purpose of estimating reservoir properties, contacted in-place fluid, and reserves. Our main objective is to introduce a new practical tool for the analysis/interpretation of the production data using a new diagnostic rate and pressure drop diagnostic function.

This paper provides the following contributions for the analysis and interpretation of gas production data using the β-integral derivative function:

  • Schematic diagrams of various production data functions using the β-integral derivative formulation (type curves).

  • Analysis/interpretation of production data using the β- integral derivative formulation.

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