This study focuses on the evaluation of formation permeability for a carbonate reservoir from well logs and core data using the concept of flow units. Characterization of carbonate reservoirs by flow units is a practical way of reservoir zonation. The study represents a petrophysical-based method that uses well loggings and core plug data to delineate flow units within the most productive carbonate reservoir of Derdere Formation in Y field, Southeast Turkey. Derdere Formation is composed of limestones and dolomites. Logs from the 5 wells are the starting point for the reservoir characterization. The general geologic framework obtained from the logs point out for discriminations within the formation. 58 representative core plug data from 4 different wells are utilized to better understand the petrophysical framework of the formation. The plots correlating petrophysical parameters and the frequency histograms suggest the presence of distinctive reservoir trends. These discriminations are also represented in Winland porositypermeability crossplots resulted in clusters for different port-sizes that are responsible for different flow characteristics. Although the correlation between core plug porosity and air permeability yields a good correlation coefficient, the formation has to be studied within units due to differences in pore-throat sizes and reservoir process speed.

Linear regression and multiple regression analyses are used for the study of each unit. The results are performed using STATGRAPH Version Plus 5.1 statistical software. The permeability models are constructed and their reliabilities are compared by the regression coefficients for predictions in un-cored sections.

As a result of this study, 4 different units are identified in the Derdere Formation by using well logging data, and core plug analyses with the help of geostatistical methods. The predicted permeabilities for each unit show good correlations with the calculated ones from core plugs.

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