Improvements in stimulation technology have continued to increase our ability to economically extract hydrocarbons from very low permeability reservoirs. The Jonah field, in Southwest Wyoming is a classic example of a reservoir that was commercialized with newer stimulation technology. The Lance formation in the Jonah field consists of several hundred feet of stacked lenticular sands with reservoir permeability to gas less than 10 µD. Completion techniques have evolved over the years employing a variety of hydraulic fracturing techniques. In the past 2 years three techniques have emerged as the predominant completion methods: traditional nitrogen assist, induced stress diversion, and the use of flow thorough composite bridge plugs. This study evaluates the different techniques using spatial sampling to compare each well to its offsets and identify the completion scheme that yields the best results on cumulative production. From this study a clear best practice for completing wells in the Jonah field to maximize production was determined.

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