Horizontal wells have been applied in Middle East universally. However, with complex geological conditions including thief zone, aquifer and heavy oil, there are diverse production/injection performances for horizontal wells. Therefore, history matching is a tough job for reservoirs with horizontal wells. Pressure transient analysis (PTA) data is abundant and relatively economically obtained. With PTA technique, reservoir properties, streamline distribution and effective horizontal interval can be obtained easily. Therefore, history matching results could be identical with actual reservoir performance.

This paper proposes an optimized history matching method for horizontal wells assisted by advanced pressure transient analysis. Considering heterogeneity of layer-cake reservoir, a newly corrected method of log-log plot of PTA analysis is built to make a better interpretation under the effect of high permeability zone (HPZ). Then pressure transient analysis results will be validated with production/injection performance and other surveillance data such as resistivity logging. Finally, based on interpreted results, history matching is conducted. The advanced PTA model yields favorable interpreted results in accordance with production/injection performance and other surveillance data. Integrated history matching yields better results compared with typical workflow and modification of dynamic model. For several tough problems such as layer-cake reservoir with bottom aquifer, profile tuning is better than modification of grid property around wellbore.

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