Diagnosing fractures and behind-pipe isolation is very critical to analyze production from unintended reservoirs correctly and taking proper actions. Fracture flow diagnostics using through-barrier diagnostic system is a unique solution developed to identify the positions and heights of behind pipe fractures in addition to confirming the isolation integrity between the stages.

In combination with Production logging, Spectral Noise Log (SNL) & High Precision Temperature (HPT) tool string have been running in-memory mode. Combining the technologies allowed for analyzing wellbore flow profiles by production logging. Simultaneously, SNL-HPT platform is diagnosed behind Pipe fracture flow and zonal isolations.

A well was drilled targeting three stages. After three perforation and fracturing stages, water cut increase was observed. Understanding fracture network behind pipe and across the perforations, analyzing zonal isolation, and finding true flow geometry on the "well–formation" system is now the critical objective of the diagnostics survey.

SNL-HPT platform under fracture flow diagnostics results, reveal behind pipe conditions accurate picture. Actual positions of active fractures behind and across each perforation stage and active reservoir zones of the non-fractured stage are correctly identified. As well isolations conditions between stages are determined and flow geometry inside the borehole and behind the pipe is provided.

By combining the SNL-HPT platform diagnostics with production logging results, the source of the high water cut caused by fracture extension was successfully identified. Isolation's decisions are properly taken and well set for production.

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