Numerous carbonate reservoir discoveries were made in Indonesia (Soeparjadi et al. 1975), including the Berai Formation, which consists of high heterogeneity and low porosity characteristics. To optimize production on a field-scale basis, developing an effective stimulation program is necessary to maximize the asset’s output. This integrated study demonstrates the multidiscipline approach of well stimulation and reservoir characterization for designing successful acid-fracturing stages. Understanding reservoir characteristics helps during selection of the effective fracturing design and staging plan for application.

The process involves multiple cycles—from formation evaluation (e.g., geomechanics analysis, design of an effective fracturing method, and production forecasting) through the economic impact to the operator. During the early phase of this integrated study, the uncertainties of all static and dynamic parameters (i.e., geological complexity, rock physics, and stress profile) were considered for fracturing design. Production performances from multiple fracturing stimulation scenarios were then modeled and compared to select the plan that optimizes production for the Berai Formation.

Results demonstrated an effective multidiscipline approach toward a comprehensive strategy to meet the ultimate objective in optimizing production. This project leveraged formation evaluation and fracturing design to deliver integrated solutions from exploration to accurate production forecast. The well stimulations were performed by carefully selecting fluid characteristics based on geological-petrophysical properties, pressure, and stress profiles within the area. Results yielded excellent production gains—for the best case, up to 50% with an average of 40% in comparison with initial production by using an acid that provides optimum fracture geometry and permeability.

This opportunity demonstrated the importance of understanding formation behavior and the parameters that aid the selection of an appropriate fracturing design for a low porosity/permeability carbonate reservoir.

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