Reservoir G-4, a depleted reservoir in field B had been producing from 1992 to 2015 with a recovery factor of 30% before the production was stopped due to low reservoir pressure. Due to the huge inplace volume. A secondary recovery screening was conducted and gas injection was identified as the most suitable solution to revive G-4 reservoir due to its low cost impact of 0.4 Mil. USD whilst managing to deliver the same results as other solutions (i.e. Water injection & Water Dumpflood).

The project had utilized existing facilities in field B including a gas compressor. The project required only minor surface modification to re-route gas into the tubing of injection well BG-03. From simulation results, a continuous injection of 5 MMscf/d will increase the reservoir pressure by 150 psia in 9 months, with incremental potential reserves of atleast 5.0 MMstb from the benefitter wells, BG-02 & as well as incoming infill wells BG-14 & BG-15. It is also envisaged that with future development of additional infill wells, the recovery factor will be increased up to 60%.

In term of gas management, field B is able to deliver additional 15 MMscf/d post petroleum operation reduction (i.e. Fuel Gas, Instrument Gas & Gas lift). With the initiation of gas injection, the project had managed to utilize and optimize 33% of additional gas production for reservoir rejuvenation purposes.

The paper provides valuable insight into the case study and lesson learned of maximizing oil recovery through gas injection with minimal cost incurred. The approach is highly recommended to maximize oil recovery especially in mature fields with similar reservoir conditions and production facilities.

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