Field presented here is located in offshore Abu Dhabi, consisting of multi-stacked reservoirs with different fluid and reservoir properties. In this paper, field development plan of one of reservoir has been presented which was initially planned to be developed with pattern water injection by more than 50 horizontal wells penetrating all the ten oil bearing layers from 9 well head towers. Reservoir consists of under-saturated oil with low gas-oil ratio and low bubble point.

Initial 2 years of production was considered as Early Production Scheme (EPS period), during which significant amount of early production data consisting of downhole pressure measurement, time-lapse MDT, vertical interference data, PLT have been collected. Based on EPS data simulation model has been updated. Simulation fits well with the observed pressure gauge and time-lapse MDT data. Updated model gives good prediction for a year of blind test data (including saturation, MDT and porosity) collected from different wells several kilometers away from current development area reflecting a high level of confidence in areal and vertical connectivity representation. Considering other reservoir uncertainties different Development plans have been screened using updated model in order to improve recovery factor and economics. Based on development plan screening study, optimized development option has been chosen for Full Field Development.

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