The complex nature of the reservoir dictated comprehensive formation evaluation logging that was typically done on wireline. The high angle designed for maximum reservoir exposure, high temperature, high pressure (HTHP), differential reservoir pressure and wellbore stability challenges necessitated a new approach to overall formation evaluation. The paper outlines Formation Evaluation strategy that reduced risk, increased efficiency and saved money, while ensuring high quality data collection, integration and interpretation.

After review of all risks, a decision to utilize Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) for wellbore stability, Logging While Drilling (LWD) to replace wireline and Advanced Mudlogging Services was implemented. The Formation Evaluation team utilized LWD resistivity, neutron, density and nuclear magnetic resonance logs supplemented with x-ray diffraction (XRD), x-ray fluorescence (XRF) and advanced mud gas analysis to ensure comprehensive analysis. The paper outlines workflows and procedures necessary to ensure all data from LWD, XRF, XRD and mud gas are integrated properly for the analysis.

Effects of Managed Pressure Drilling on mud gas interpretation as well as cuttings and mud gas depth matching are addressed. Depth matching of all data, mud gasses, cuttings and logs are critical for detailed and accurate analysis and techniques are discussed that ensure consistent results. Complex mineralogy due to digenesis and effect of LWD logs are evident and only reconciled by detailed XRF and XRD data. The effects of some conductive mineralogy are so dramatic as to infer tool function compromise. The ability to determine acceptable tool response from tool failures eliminates unnecessary trips and leads to efficient operations. The final result of the above data collection, QC and processing resulted in a comprehensive formation evaluation interpretation of high confidence.

Finally, conclusions and recommendations are summarized to provide guidelines in Formation Evaluation in similar challenging highly deviated, HTHP, complex reservoir environments on land and offshore.

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