A major reservoir has been analyzed using the now established Saudi Aramco Full Pore System petrophysical modelling workflow. This workflow acquires a complete mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP – analyzed using the Thomeer method) database to cover the universe of petrophysical possibilities. Detailed MICP data gathering processes, sample selection and quality control procedures are deployed by this petrophysical workflow. The Thomeer database created is used by internally designed software, to apply these parameters for the geocellular saturation-height model for the multiltimodal pore systems in this reservoir.

As a part of this process, detailed core to log integration, permeability prediction modelling, and well log quality control steps are utilized. Database retrievals of Thomeer parameters and petrophysical rock types using well log data are compared to those from core data. The reservoir saturation analysis indicates that this reservoir of interest has an anomalous resistivity leg below the Free Water Level, which is indicative of a residual relic oil accumulation. This residual relic oil has been modelled separately using a Drainage – Imbibition – Drainage cycle and is essential to reconcile the well log data and the saturation – height model.

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