Reservoir simulation engineers have to go through an intense and time consuming process to manually quality check large amounts of data which consist of wells, logs and completion events for more than 50 years of history. It is fundamental that data used in building reservoir simulation models is quality controlled and cross-checked to eliminate inconsistencies during the history match process.

This new implemented method will give an overview of the simulation data quality workflow design and outline the development of a state of the art software package that guides engineers through the quality checking process as the first stage of simulation model construction.

We have developed a workflow software package that covers most of the data required for building simulation models. The preparation and validation of data is conducted using tailored automated workflows that guide engineers through the quality control steps in a streamlined manner. At every step, specific data is reviewed and validated based on some well-developed quality check (QC) criteria. In case of any inconsistencies, the software issues relevant error and warning messages and recommends possible remedial solutions or actions.

This tool eliminates tedious manual nonformal effort and results in high-quality simulation models checked and verified through formal and automated workflows, therefore. The new workflow/software reduces the checking process from weeks to days or hours and hence minimizes the overall time to perform history matching.

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