At present, the study on subtle oil and gas reservoir is being focused on one of the Chinese biggest petroliferous basins-Songliao basin, where the Chinese biggest oil field was found. Therefore, the western slope area, a significant reserve increment and replacement area in Songliao Basin, has become one of the most important targets in subtle oil and gas reservoir exploration and development. Nevertheless the stratigraphic framework and sedimentary microfacies in this area are still ambiguous. Combining cores analysis, well logging and 3D seismic data with theory of high resolution sequence stratigraphy, the sequence stratigraphic frame from the first member of Formation Yaojia to Formation Nenjiang in study area is constructed. Moreover, the monosandbody high resolution sequence stratigraphic framework is established, meanwhile the monosandbody isochronic correlation is achieved in the isochronic stratigraphic framework. Finally, through an improved approach to the high resolution sequence stratigraphic analysis, the stratigraphic framework of the western slope area is established, which is helpful to locate exploration and development aims, and to identify the sedimentary microfacies and reservoirs characteristics in the study area. This research also plays an important role in the further study on subtle oil and gas reservoir in the Songliao Basin in China.

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