A new method is proposed to estimate the matrix and fracture’s effective compressibilities by using the material balance equation (MBE) and production data. Assuming the behavior of naturally fractured reservoir (NFR), accordingly to the pressure tests analysis, it is then possible to replace the effective compressibilities into a MBE of double porosity to determine original oil from both systems.

Due to the lack of information from cores and the problem that implies acquiring it, this method represents a useful alternative for analytical models. Generally, it is complicated to determine representative values of fracture compressibilities for the entire reservoir; especially when this is very heterogeneous. The calculated compressibility of the matrix and fractures can be compared with formation compressibility correlations when there are no core analysis or pressure tests available.

This is an innovative method to obtain reliable compressibilities for the analysis of material balance of double porosity (MBDP). In addition, with this method it is also possible to obtain the original ratio of the volume stored in the fractures to the total volume in the reservoir; which is a crucial factor in the determination of the final oil recovery.

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