This paper presents an application of integrated asset modeling (IAM) to a rich gas condensate field under recycling mode located in Abu Dhabi. The field is composed of many non communicating gas reservoir units; some of these units are already developed and being produced for a number of years, while some others reservoirs are in the exploration / evaluation phase. Potentially, some of the reservoir units are sharing or will share the surface network and the process facilities. The project consists of developing a platform for a solution that can respond to the current requirement of the available modeled reservoirs; at the same time, the solution should be expandable to account for the reservoirs being explored or at early production phase.

The first step of the study was to construct the surface network for both gas injectors and gas producers. The subsurface compositional simulation models for the developed reservoirs were available and history matched. The platform linking the surface to subsurface was developed and set to fulfill the field development requirements. The solution was validated for the historical performances, measurement of the surface network were collected and validated in the stand-alone mode and in the coupling mode. Tests for the prediction performances were also performed, and led to more realistic profile showing the recoverable reserves for recycling and blowdown considered scenarios.

The integrated model indicated area of improvement in pressure history match of the field simulation model for few wells where it was not easy to observe in standalone simulations.

The platform for the integrated Asset modeling is expandable to further development that could be plugged-in, either functional adds-on like process modeling and economic evaluation or organic like adding additional wells to the existing models or adding new models for exploration unit. It will be also applicable to see the compression requirements during any time in the future.

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