Multiphase production logging is essential to identify the contribution of different zones, types of fluids produced and other production related issues in producing wells. Data collected is used to determine if the well requires other services to enhance production or isolate unwanted zones.

Locating water production and cross flow between thief zones are common problems for carbonate formations. Remedial well services require costly multiple mobilizations of wireline, coiled tubing (CT) and stimulation units. Results might not be accurate due to the time gap between identifying the problem and implementing the action.

The new fiber optic enabled coiled tubing (FOECT) system supports many well intervention services, such as production logging, water shut-offs and/or acid stimulations with a single CT string. Combining FOECT with a real-time multiphase production logging tool (MPLT) reduces well downtime and improves remedial service quality control. Downtime is reduced by using the same surface equipment of FOECT to perform multiphase logging and also remedial work. Only the required bottom-hole assembly (BHA) needs to be changed. This successful logging job for Saudi Aramco allows evaluating remedial well services to be planned right after the production logging job to maximize quality control.

This paper documents the implementation of the FOECT system with real-time MPLTs and demonstrates the following improvements for the Ghawar field:

  1. First time in a Saudi FOECT system and MPLTs were used to log a wet oil producer well for immediate evaluation of remedial work needed.

  2. Significant reduction of well downtime by eliminating multiple mobilizations of wireline, CT and pumping units.

  3. Established best practices for production logging with FOECT and multiphase tools, including equipment rig up and single acquisition system setup.

  4. Optimize the required equipment by eliminating the electric line (e-line) logging unit.

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