Accurate prediction of the temperature drop accompanying a given pressure drop for the natural gas production well is necessary in the effective design of natural gas production facilities. Current rigorous compositional models depend on many variables and require information about fluid composition. In this paper, a simple-to-use method which is easier than current available models, is presented to predict accurately the appropriate temperature drop accompanying a given pressure drop in natural gas production wells based on the black-oil model to get a quick approximate solution for the temperature drop of a natural gas streams in gas production wells. The obtained results illustrate that excellent agreement is observed between the reported data and the values calculated using the new developed method. Considering the results, the new developed correlation is recommended for rapid estimation of wellbore temperature drops in gas production wells for pressures up to 45 MPa and pressure drops up to 25 MPa. This Simple-to-use approach can be of immense practical value for the gas reservoir and production engineers to readily estimate temperature drops in gas production wells at various conditions. In particular, personnel dealing with natural gas production activities would find the proposed approach to be of immense help and user friendly involving no complex expressions with transparent calculations.

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