The characterization of the unconventional reservoirs is a challenge. Though the Jurassic formation, Najmah-Sargelu, in North Kuwait fields have been tested and found to be a prolific source-rock as well as a producer of gas, condensate and volatile oil in several wells, but raised the flagged issue as regards to its characterization and predictability for success. The drill stem test (DST) results at some wells are quite successful without any stimulation, while at other wells the DSTs are unsuccessful in spite of advanced and repeated stimulations. Thus resulting a success rate at 50% and categorizing the Najmah-Sargelu as a geologically-complex, naturally-fractured, tight gas and condensate reservoir.

The Najmah kerogen member, formally known as Najmah shale, the source-reservoir composed of highly organic rich argillaceous and calcareous clay, represented by very high total gamma ray values associated with high uranium on spectral gamma logs. The Sargelu limestone, underlying the Najmah kerogen and overlying Dhruma shale, is generally tight and occasionally fractured. Conventional characterization by multi disciplinary data integration and model could not explain the test results, suggesting the key factor making these kerogen reservoirs to producer lies outside our scanned parameters such as structural position, fractures and formation damage etcetera. Conventional petrophysical interpretation and integrated formation evaluation method fell short to explain the unique behavior of such reservoirs.

This paper illustrates the new parameter, organic richness of Najmah kerogen sub-units and the pattern relationship between the success as flowed and unsuccessful as no-flow DSTs from the well data. Thus characterizing the Najmah reservoir based on their organic richness, derived from wireline density logs. This approach has successfully predicted our recent Najmah completed wells. Understanding this critical factor will navigate the 3D model building workflow steps for seismic reservoir description and future development strategy of Najmah in north Kuwait and other regions as well.

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