Equalizer production systems and inflow control devices are used to mitigate water or gas coning problems for mature fields. We have developed new modeling methods to simulate equalizer and interval control valve (ICV) performance in full-field multimillion-cell reservoir models under a parallel computational environment.

We present single-well performance predictions with and without an equalizer, and the results are significantly different in some cases. Full-field modeling with equalizers and ICV controls for several examples has been conducted. In such cases, many individual wells would have significantly improved performance. At full-field level, however, using equalizers or smart well applications without total field optimization would not improve performance much, for reasons we will discuss.

The frictional pressure loss across an equalizer can be considered as a skin, and we have developed an analytical well equation to include it. With this theoretical development, it is now possible to confirm or monitor equalizer performance in terms of pressure drop from pressure transient analysis.

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