To maintain operational automated systems we as and oil field contractor are confronted with many varied problems. The installation and maintenance of these systems are varied and each individual problem could not be discussed. The basis for this paper will be derived from actual invoices of maintenance performed on automatic tank batteries, production test equipment, waterflood stations, electrified injection and production headers, computerized operations, and LACT installations. It is believed that this information along with cooperation with manufacturers and producers there will be a reduction in down time, installation cost, and maintenance costs. The tabulated data in this technical paper will give us a starting point to eliminate the problems which are the most costly. Many of these procedures are being incorporated by some of the manufacturers, but as of this time not one has utilized the latest advances of electronics to facilitate a completely smooth automated system. For the purpose of this paper allied components will consist of switches, relays, contact closures, and valve operators or solenoids not mounted within the panel or control system operator. Panel components will be those items located within the panel itself, which is usually located on the skid or mounted very close to the above system. The following data was taken from all automated systems, but they are representative in cost and percentage to any installation.

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