The long stroke MAPE pumping unit was originally developed by ELF Aquitaine for offshore platform use and has been in use in the Congo, Africa, area since 1975. Subsequently, installations in many parts of the world have proved the suitability of the unit, both onshore and offshore, for producing heavy, viscous crudes, for high volume production, for handling gassy fluids, and for producing from greater depths than conventional rod pumping units. As now developed by the Marine and Petroleum Company (MAPE) of Nantes, France*, the unit incorporates electronic regulation with stroke lengths independently adjustable from 98.5 to 394 inches, cycles from 1.2 to 5 strokes per minute, and up to a 4 to 1 ratio of upstroke speed to downstroke speed, or vice versa. All of these adjustments may be made while the unit is in operation. Further, a built-in load cell permits the taking of load vs. stroke recordings (dynagraph cards) at any time without unit shutdown.

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