This paper presents the advances in the Integrated Production Operation Solution applied in Brown Fields from Activo Terciario del Golfo (AIATG) Asset PEMEX, located in The north-east of Mexico. AIATG has about 3377 wells, 2112 are producing, 948 of them in natural flow, 1164 in different artificial lift methods, and the remaining are closed. The total production is about 65004 BPD of oil and 149 MMFCD.

Operational issues like, lack of well test event, poor well test by well, facilities constrains, production measured in conjunction with others sources, in combination with dispersion data the problems create a not trusty environment to detect abnormal conditions and events that impact directly in the production.

In order to improve this process, AIATG has raised a new approach which allows consolidate the operational data base, to implement workflows for capturing from different sources daily production and operational data along the entire production network and facilities, and which will include engineering and smart validation rules and alarms notification across web environment, which this will permit to act in advance before a potential issue become in production loses.

Additional features for trend analysis, visualization and management of key performance indicators will be integrated with engineering workflows, which the automatic recognition of issues and behavior of wells using calculated rates at the well level and their reconciled production compared to the measurement at the gathering station level. With this automatic workflow we can then identify any condition that has drastically affected well productivity.

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