Qatar Petroleum operates a major oil field in Dukhan wherein produces condensate and NGL from Arab-D Cap Gas Reservoir which is processed in Gas Recycling plant Dukhan. Operator Training Simulator was introduced to drive significant benefits for the plant operation in year 2007.

The OTS objective is to impart skills for DCS operation utilizing state of the art dynamic simulator for the Arab-D process.The feature of the OTS includes that all the upset conditions in the plant can be simulated close to real plant operation.

After the implementation of OTS, the benefits achieved are as below:

  • Competency certification program has been initiated and successfully implemented which has identified clear Qatarization plan of action for new recruits

  • Hands on experience on OTS enabled shorter duration of on the job training period. This has helped us in overcoming the current skills shortage in the Oil & Gas industry

  • Career progression path has been established based on various training modules with increasing complexity

  • After all the operators gone through the OTS training, majority of the issues related to start up and shutdown are eliminated. It has also helped for smooth plant operation and more productivity.

  • The strong OTS program helps eliminate errors by even experienced operators that can lead to accidents, product loss or costly plant shutdowns.

  • The OTS program is also being used for plant troubleshooting, engineering studies and continuous improvement.

This paper will describe in detail about the OTS project design basis, project implementation, training program and its benefits.

The conclusion is that the operator training simulator is a highly effective tool and has become an indispensable part of training program.

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