The Gas Recycling Plant (RG) of Qatar Petroleum (QP) produces Stabilized Condensate (DSC) and Raw Natural Gas Liquid (NGL). During Maintenance turnarounds (TA) in 2008 and 2012, QP employed new turnaround optimization techniques, which minimized the scope of work and the downtime duration of the plant outages. These two techniques were:

  • Scope Challenge (SC): The complete scope of work of the TA is challenged in terms of monetary benefit to QP. The plant's integrity, Operation's requirement, shutdown sensitive items, mobilization requirements, and resources are given due consideration during the review process.

  • Schedule Optimization (SO): The finalized scope of work is broken down into activities. The resources, costs and duration estimates are provided for each activity. The critical paths are identified and the duration of activities in them are re-evaluated using a systematic approach. Activities of various stake-holders are integrated into the schedule and interfaces are examined while optimizing the critical paths.

This paper discusses the approach, adaptation, implications, financial gains and benefits of utilizing the above techniques in gas recycling plant turnarounds.

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