Production has two components – the subsurface potential and the actual production to feed the export line. In North Kuwait, sub surface potential had never been an issue for any speculation. The most difficult part is to integrate all resources, synchronize with each other and create "wonderful symphony" leading to actual production delivery. Several processes have been developed and matured now to gear up the asset to meet the challenging production target for 2010–11 which indicates a jump in production by about 23% in a single year.

In this effort, major processes to play a key role are: Development Well Subsurface Selection Process to optimize the best wells in terms of potential; New Development Well Assurance Process with Key Opportunities for Improving integration with key service providers to NK Asset such as Drilling Group (rig schedule, materials); Production Operations (Flow line/header connections, process capacity); Water Handling (Flow line/header connections, Water injection Supply capacity); Artificial Lift to synchronize ESP equipment availability in line with the well/ rig availability, Project Management (Flow line installation & rationalization), Learning's from Post Appraisal of Wells drilled in last few years; Surveillance Plan - data acquisition, how new information helps to minimize reservoir uncertainties; Drilling & Completion Programs - appropriate technology choices to meet well and reservoir objectives such as multi-zone needs, rigless access for surveillance or interventions, NCWs and artificial lift requirements.

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