Removing filter-cake is essential for reducing the formation damage caused by drilling activities in various production and injection wells. These filter-cakes typically contain bio-polymers such as xanthan gum, poly-anionic cellulose, starch, along with bridging agents such as sized calcium carbonate particles. A novel chemical series was applied in laboratory tests; it perfectly degrades the filter cakes. Different performance tests showed that the filter cake was entirely removed after being treated with the novel chemical series. A direct reaction between the drilling mud and the novel compounds resulted in a complete loss of mud viscosity. Encouraged by the above data; core flood analysis were performed to test the effectiveness of the novel compounds on sandstone cores. The scenarios, which might occur in field applications, were simulated in the laboratory under controlled conditions and the responses of the core samples under these conditions were measured. Return permeability were approximately 100% after treatment with the new compounds. There was no swelling of the interstitial clay component of the formation plugs over a remarkable duration of time and wide range of temperatures.

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