In some Iranian oil fields hydrocarbon recovery is mainly from sandstone reservoirs and sand production is a major problem in these fields. Main reason of sand production in these reservoirs is due to unconsolidated sandstone layers. The common method to decrease this problem is achieved by installing mechanical sand control systems. Previously, some techniques of sand control have been used in Iranian oil fields, such as gravel packing, slotted liner and chemical consolidation by resin. The results which have been obtained through these methods are not remarkably good enough in some cases.

Expandable sand screen (ESS) is a new technique in sand control that can result in lower skin and consequently improves reservoir inflow performance. Field tests in various conditions have shown very satisfactory results in both open and cased hole applications. This paper will provide a brief overview of ESS and its advantages and will explains some of the concerns deal with ESS well completion. It provides details of well production results before and after installation of ESS. It also suggests that the use of ESS as an alternative to conventional sand control methods in Iran oil fields is preferable specially in cased hole completed wells.

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