The purpose of this paper is to discuss how downhole real-time artificial lift pump monitoring systems utilizing digital communications signals are an indispensable tool in managing reservoir production, equipment run-life and performance by acting as an "Eye into the Reservoir". Producers using digital monitoring downhole have expanded access to real-time well bore and pump information, which creates a competitive advantage in optimizing wellbore and reservoir performance. This paper will give an example of a major operator in South America utilizing variable speed controllers and monitoring their PCP pumps with digital downhole sensors. Without sensors monitoring the lift systems, the operator would not know what component downhole is causing lost production and if adjustments could be made at the surface to increase productivity.

One year following the installation of the PCP monitoring system, the operator reported a remarkable double-digit increase in production. This occurred by maximizing the pump output to match what the reservoir was producing into the wellbore and knowing exactly when a downhole assembly needed to be repaired or replaced and if a formation needed stimulation.

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