An innovative ES-PCP system has been developed in conjunction with a major operator and has now entered field trials. The system enables rig-less deployment capability on coiled tubing, and is compatible with conventional jointed tubing. It fundamentally addresses many of the issues associated with horizontal wells and sand management, and provides a highly efficient solution for applications from gas well dewatering, cyclic steam stimulation, and CHOPS. This paper describes some aspects of the design and qualification of the system, and presents initial feedback from the first field trials.

The system utilises downhole permanent magnet motor technology and a magnetic torque converter, resulting in both scalability and high operating efficiencies. This dramatically reduces the total power requirements, and the need for expensive surface electrical installations.

A progressive cavity pump is incorporated on bottom, allowing this small diameter system to be set at any depth and in the horizontal. Combined with the ability to run at variable speed and rotate in either direction; sand related failures and workovers are reduced. This novel configuration reduces both the surface footprint and environmental impact of the well. It also reduces deployment and workover requirements; resulting in fewer and safer operations.

By combining unique technology and a novel configuration an ES-PCP system has been developed which reduces total cost of ownership. The system has entered field trials in the San Joaquin Valley fields in California for a heavy oil production application, and Western Australia for a gas well dewatering application.

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