In the past 50 years, the oil production of Daqing Oilfield has maintained 50 million tons (near 350 million bbls) per year for 27 years. To date, Daqing Oilfield is still the largest continental oilfield in China. Separated layer development technology is one of the key techniques contributed to this great achievement. In order to monitor dynamic performance of separated layer production, it was necessary to implement logging technique periodically in a large number of selected injectors and producers. Due to the limit of annulus size is too small for sensor to be run into down hole of progressing cavity pump (PCP) wells, traditional PCP system design couldn’t meet the requirement of well logging for separated layer production.

Since separate layer development technology is more and more popular in oilfield development, PCP logging technique has become a bottleneck issue which limited PCP application in larger scale. This paper presented an innovative design for logging technique in PCP wells. In this design, a unique drive head design was developed as well as several special downhole tools which applied the path for sensor and wire to be run into the appointed place.

Till the end of 2009, this technique has been applied in more than 200 PCP wells in Daqing Oilfield. The operation was simple and safety, the successful ratio was 95%. This technique could also be applied in other conditions which has a brilliant future.

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