Optimizing immiscible and miscible floods are important applications of reservoir simulation. Other important applications include reservoir characterization, history matching, forecasting for project decision making and assessing uncertainty in all the above. Any simulation approach used for these applications should be accurate, reliable, easy-to-use and efficient. Streamline simulation has emerged as an attractive simulation approach that satisfies all of these requirements. In this paper, we describe a new PC based streamline simulation software (STREAM) which allows engineers to quickly simulate and visualize immiscible displacements (waterflooding) and miscible displacements (CO2 flooding). The streamline model is written in FORTRAN90 and the GUI is written in Visual Basic 4.0. Details of the development and the operation of the software are discussed.

Using STREAM, we present a comparison of results between the streamline and traditional (finite-difference) simulation for a mature, West Texas waterflood. The efficacy of the streamline approach and the capability of the software for waterflood optimization is discussed. Timing comparisons between the two methods are also presented. Finally, the advantages and limitations of the streamline method for both immiscible and miscible applications are discussed.

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