An object oriented, cross platform, C++ application has been successfully developed for the manipulation of production data associated with reservoir engineering and reservoir simulation data. The application supports all the main categories of production data necessary for simulation including historical production and injection volumes, well deviation surveys and reservoir events such as completion data.

Particular emphasis is placed on the rapid generation of accurate and representative simulation controls. Key features include time varying connection factors where parameters are calculated from perforation data specified in terms of measured depths and formations, a flexible timestep framework and the handling of deviated wells, partially penetrating wells and multiple completions within a single simulation cell.

The paper will discuss how the development of this and associated applications has shown it is possible to efficiently build sophisticated, cross platform products if the appropriate tools, suppliers and methodology are used.

Finally the paper will address how the application and corresponding application development environment helps address future uncertainties including the continuing hardware and software revolution, the move towards keywordless, "gridless" simulation on a geological model and the existence of multiple integration platforms.

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