A field management information system (FMIS) was created for the Trinidad Resource Development teams in Amoco's International Operations Group. This application uses Microsoft Access ® 2.0 and the other Microsoft Office 4.2 software products. The purpose of this information system is to assist these teams in the management of their producing oil and gas fields. This is accomplished by providing:

  • centralized data storage

    • for a variety of data, such as well, production, engineering and geologic

    • in various forms, including raw, interpreted and derived,

  • customized analysis, planning and reporting tools, such as reservoir performance summaries and dynamic field management plans, and

  • the capability to easily exchange data with a variety of engineering and geoscience analytical software.

Additional benefits provided to the Resource Development teams by this approach are:

  • improved data accuracy and accessibility from a centralized, relational database,

  • enhanced efficiency as a result of the application being tailored to the teams’ operating environment and work processes, and

  • access to an expanded knowledge base by consolidating information from several fields into one database.

In short, this product was developed in response to the Trinidad Resource Development teams’ need to improve their data integrity, efficiency and analysis and planning capability. The resultant application is not just a database, but rather, a field management information system.

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