Through Real Time Expert Systems (R.T.E.S.) technology, it is possible to remotely monitor and control, IN REAL TIME, Rod Pumping automated fields seeking to guarantee maximum production, minimum operating cost, and extending the useful life of equipment.

In Rod Pumping Systems there are analytical tools which allow diagnosing the behavior of the wells[1],[2], such as Dynagraph Charts, Pressure Loggings and Current Consumption. These Loggings are interpreted (using Design and Completion Information) in order to analyze, diagnose the state of the well and finally issue a recommendation, bringing as a result a field action. Generally, these actions are based on S.P.M control of the wells and this can be done automatically, closing the Control Loop.

The main advantage of R.T.E.S consists in the REAL TIME event detection and the immediate reaction to that event. Moreover, the integration of R.T.E.S with Mathematical Models and Simulation Models allows to predict events before they happen and to take field actions.

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