This paper presents the newly developed computer package IPDOS, an Integrated Pipeline Design and Operation System. The developed package provides a useful tool in assisting the pipeline engineers in compiling and processing the massive amounts of data needed for the various phases of pipeline design, construction, operation and maintenance.

IPDOS, which operates in a DOS environment, is made up of two main integrated modules: the database module and the processing module. The database module consists of a set of relational databases that are used to store the environmental, constructional, operational and maintenance parameters of the different pipeline systems within a company. These parameters can be entered, accessed, or reported via a number of easy-to-use interactive user menus. The processing module consists of a suit of programs that allow the user to perform a wide variety of data processing and analysis. These programs include wall thickness calculations, pipe size selection, stability analysis, pipeline lay-stress analysis and fluid flow analysis for gas, liquid, and multiphase pipelines.

The paper provides a summary description of the main features of the software. The application of IPDOS as an information channel and an analysis tool for field and office pipeline personnel to completely evaluate the available data in an expedient manner is also presented.

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