The IDEAL1 Wellsite Information System acquires data to monitor the drilling process. It interprets the realtime data flow from both surface and downhole and displays useful information on high resolution color screens to the key decision makers on and off the wellsite.

The IDEAL Wellsite Information System can support four classes of users simultaneously: The driller, the directional driller on the rig floor, logging specialists in the unit and the company representative in the customer's office. Color displays have been customized to the specialized needs of each class of user. In particular, the IDEAL Driller's Display is a pressurized unit located on the rig floor. The driller can select from a number of screens with a minimum number of keystrokes.

This information network improves drilling efficiency, geological evaluation and subsequent production through enhanced geological steering.

Data is continually stored in both the time and depth domains. These databases can be exported into a variety of formats. Data can also be transmitted in realtime to the customer's office offsite.

Backup system components allow for redundancy so that system downtime is virtually eliminated.

By having system developers concentrate on making the workstation easy to operate, the users can focus on the drilling process and not on the computer system. Custom graphic displays were designed by drillers for drillers. "Smart Alarms" have been designed to alert the user of potential problems such as kicks, sticking pipe and drillpipe washout.

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