Conoco has been using a drilling database to track costs and optimize operations for the past 5 years. This paper discusses the evolution of the database, field and office implementation, system usage and features, and the current impressions and future plans for the system. It also provides recommended guidelines based on Conoco's experience.

Drilling cost reduction has become increasingly important in today's economy. Key factors in reducing drilling costs are optimizing operations, benchmarking, and utilizing manpower to its fullest potential. Before decisions affecting performance are made, information needs to be gathered and analyzed in an efficient manner. A database combined with engineering analysis programs can provide the tools necessary to quickly perform the advanced analysis that is vital to compete in the current economic environment.

To accomplish these objectives, Conoco has been using a drilling database system worldwide for several years. Work on the database system was initiated in 1988 as a joint development effort between Conoco and DRD Corporation. The system has developed into a database system that captures a broad scope of drilling information and generates a wide range of reports and graphics to assist in the optimization of drilling operations.

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