The current, rapid growth in the use of global networking promises to have an important impact on the way that all professionals, including petroleum engineers, do their work. Currently, this networking activity is embodied in a facility called the Internet. The Internet now consists of more than 1,000,000 computers (hosts), worldwide, connected by a variety of transmission media. Through this facility, professionals can communicate with colleagues by electronic mail, can have access to a massive collection of programs and data, can participate in special-interest discussion groups chosen from thousands available and may eventually receive many of their professional journals in an electronic form. It is the thesis of this paper that these resources will cause a qualitative change in the way petroleum engineers plan, organize and conduct their work. The Internet could even change the way petroleum companies structure their engineering organizations.

This paper examines the structure of the Internet, details the resources currently available through it and attempts to project the impact of global networking on the lives of working petroleum engineers.

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