Since the publication of Fracturing Process Control and Automation Phase 1 (SPE 17315), the entire automated and remote controlled fracture stimulation system has been placed into production globally with hundreds of jobs successfully accomplished and documented.

Phase 1 presented the organizational approach to creating the system. Mechanical equipment, computing equipment and software, operating procedures, and documentation requirements were also discussed in the first paper.

Phase 2 of the project involved: (1) a new design concept for a slurry processor, (2) creating software for the central computer in the control and engineering center, and (3) improving the proppant handling equipment. In addition, fluid monitoring systems were developed.

This paper will present the unified automatic fracturing process control system. Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of automated, semiautomated, and manual systems will be made. The management task for technology transfer from dedicated design team to design and manufacturing staff and from prototype to full production equipment will be examined.

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