The process of finding and producing hydrocarbons has historically been the province of five major disciplines: geology, geophysics, petrophysics, reservoir engineering, and drilling engineering. A contemporary trend in this effort is the move toward integrated exploration and production, where specialists in the different disciplines work as a part of a team, using data from all the disciplines to gain a better understanding of the exploration or production problem, and to arrive at a better solution than has been the case in the nonintegrated approach.

Interpretation software tools covering the broad domains of geoscience have been developed by many sources, including both vendors and oil companies. It is a goal of the modem interpretation team to have the flexibility to use any of these tools, while maintaining the ability to share data and results across domains that is needed for integrated interpretation.

This may be accomplished by loosely integrating the independent systems. Loose integration automates the process of moving data between application programs, but does not require that the application programs be rewritten to use a different database. Geoshare provides a way to accomplish this kind of integration.

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