Taurus Exploration, Inc., an oil and gas exploration and production division of Energen Corporation, has made a large investment in computer technology as an integral part of its research and development. Computer applications have evolved in a continuing effort to refine and customize available technology. Taurus has developed database applications that are industry specific and that match the business functions of the company. These are relational databases, that is, information that is updated in one file is automatically updated in all other relevant files through the use of file indexing. By employing the use of local and wide area networking, Taurus has developed an automation capability that allows its Methane Department to more effectively track development, production, and associated cost information. Relying on its networking and database capabilities, Taurus can make quick and accurate decisions concerning project development, as well as daily field operations.

Taurus has installed local area networks at its corporate headquarters as well as each of its four remote field offices. These local area networks have been integrated into one comprehensive communication tool. Each field office sends current well construction and production tracking data to the main network at Headquarters. Using remote Ethernet bridges and DSU/CSU's (Digital Service Unit/Channel Service Unit) attached to dedicated 56 Kilobits/Sec DDS telephone lines, the four remote network sites have been connected into a single integrated network system. This configuration allows Taurus to maximize employee time and productivity by sending and receiving current well and cost information, electronic mail, and documents.

The basic building block for Taurus' database applications is the Advanced Revelation™ (AREV)* programming language. Such intuitive applications are the product of strong design, logical organization, consistent presentation, and the heavy reliance on user input. The system developers need abundant software tools to achieve a flexible environment for prototyping specific functions of the system. Automated filing systems, applications generators, query languages, and programming languages are all key ingredients, but they alone are not the only key to the success of Taurus' database applications.

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