The collection of data concerning well characteristics, cement properties, and corresponding cement tests has been of primary interest to field operators, laboratory technicians, and service companies. Such data provides the designer a tool which allows him to critically evaluate past jobs in order to design a cement system for a particular well. It is therefore important that the data can be retrieved for this purpose.

Previously, data was stored using a paper filing system. Difficulties encountered with such a system were loss or misplacement of data, and inaccessibility of data at critical times. The determination of correlations between well and slurry characteristics becomes difficult if not impossible.

Computer data filing of well characteristics, slurry design, and test results aids in archiving and retrieving of cement information. One such system is a menu-driven PC software package written to fulfill the needs of field and laboratory personnel. Using this system, analysis required for job designs can be performed without the inconvenience of manual searching in a paper filing system.

This paper discusses the implementation of such a system in an actual laboratory environment. Added features such as automatic reporting and computing, locating needed information, and networking further increase laboratory efficiency, thus promoting faster turnaround time for creating job designs.

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