DIANA is an expert system developed for assisting the maintenance and operations departments with the diagnosis and correction of failures of the unmanned mini compression plants of Lagoven S.A. in Lake Maracaibo. It is anticipated that the system will be used in problems associated with sixty-three (63) shut-down alarms, the start-up sequence and the on-line troubleshooting.

There are thirteen miniplants in various parts of Lake Maracaibo which together with other types of gas plants, compress the gas produced with the crude oil. The compressed gas passes to a distribution system where it is used for:

  • Gas lifting

  • Fuel (industrial and domestic)

  • Petrochemical and fertilizer manufacture

  • Re-injection to reservoirs for conservation

The use of this expert system will help to reduce the down-time and repetitive start-ups bydiagnosing the cause of the shut-down before restarting the plant. This will reduce the impacton both gas generator and power turbine, as one start-up of these equipments is roughly equivalent to eight hours run-time. The overall reliability and availability of the plants should improve thus increasing crude oil production and reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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