ESMER is a novel PC based package which can measure individual flowrates of gas and liquid phases in multiphase flow by matching the hydrodynamic turbulence characteristics of the flow, represented by pressure and void fraction waveforms, to a calibration database. The method applies advanced random signal processing algorithms employed in voice recognition and seismic analysis. A "calibration feature vector database" is first constructed on the superficial liqud-gas velocity domain. Pattern recognition techniques can then be applied to match the "feature vector of measured samples" to the "calibration database".

ESMER is available as a turnkey multiphase flowrate measurement system consisting of sensor's of user's choice, an analog to digital converter and a personal computer. Existing absolute or differential pressure electronic transducers or a simple void fraction sensor, such as a capacitance sensor could be used. The software is menu driven and includes facilities for digital filtering of noisy signal, graphical presentation of results and the compilation of the rig dependent feature vector calibration database. Help menus are provided.

ESMER has yielded accuracies of ±5% in laboratory trials. Its principal advantages are ease of installation and maintenance.

ESMER poses no obstruction to the flow line and would not normally require any modification to the flow line.

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