The use of microcomputers (and in particular their graphical capabilities) in classroom situations has been found to be a very effective teaching tool. With the main goal in mind to add visual content to the teaching of waterflooding concepts, three programs, using the graphical capabilities of the microcomputer, are developed to aid in this teaching. The first is a graphical demonstration of the layered Stiles’ model, the second is the linear Buckley-Leverett model which accounts for the effect of displacement efficiency, and the third is a Higgins and Leighton streamtube model which adds areal sweep effects.

Each program shows the results of the calculations involved in each model both with color graphics and a display of certain parameters. Each program also generates an output file and allows the user to generate a number of graphs of the results. Since the programs are written for a microcomputer, they are easily demonstrated in class and are available for student use outside of the classroom.

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