Using a team development approach, ARCO Oil and Gas Company has developed an integrated microcomputer database system for petroleum engineers. This system provides a framework for compact storage, retrieval, and interchange of data between various technical applications. It also gives the engineer an ability to manage all common oilfield data for input, analysis, and reporting. High resolution graphics, "help" screens, and consistent user interface standards allow the engineer to readily utilize the capabilities of the petroleum engineering applications with very little manipulation of input data. This paper describes the management process used in development of the system and discusses several of the major considerations critical to the system's design.

In an effort to bridge the gap between computer science and petroleum engineering technologies, a specific software development team was created consisting of ARCO petroleum engineers, ARCO computer scientists, and consultants from the microcomputer software industry. This team approach to software development allowed the implementation of petroleum engineering technology with appropriate consideration of available computer possibilities. The team was headed by a petroleum engineer who defined the capabilities desired of the software, while the computer specialists on the team provided dynamic feedback and suggestions for ways to accommodate the petroleum engineering tasks on a microcomputer.

Much consideration was given to meeting computer industry standards and leaving options open for future expansions. Questions regarding mainframe links, networking, compatibilities with other computer systems, and future hardware/software developments were ever present in design of the ARCO system. More importantly, the system had to work efficiently with today's hardware and be developed at a minimum cost. The completed software system is a direct result of synergistic input from team members and provides a workable framework for development of future petroleum engineering microcomputer software.

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