Advantage has been taken recently of the memory management scheme of a state-of-the-art compositional reservoir simulator to instal the complete program package on an IBM-compatible PC.

Although obviously limited from a time and space consideration in its scope for full scale field simulations, the main simulator can handle grids containing 500 blocks with 10 components on a PC with 640k RAM and associated hard disc capabilities.

Two possible applications for the use of such a package on micro-computers are discussed :

  • The generation of PVT data for compositional simulation

    The simulator has several different options for calculating fluid properties ranging from simple black oil representation, through special 3-component correlations, right up to a choice of Equation of State (EOS).

  • Sensitivity studies as part of the decision process in defining a grid with a view to eliminating numerical dispersion and grid orientation effects

    Particularly applicable to the simulation of miscible displacement processes in a five-spot pattern, Koval1  dispersion theory has been successfully applied to radial diverging and converging flow. Using a biradial mesh with various grid block sizes, results are compared to show the effectiveness of this approach.

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